How Much Water To Drink on Keto?

How Much Water To Drink on Keto
How Much Water To Drink on Keto

Keto and Dehydration: How Much Water To Drink on Keto?

A lot of people use the keto diet to gain weight or lose weight. Most people avoid water preferences in the keto diet. However, low water intake on keto causes dehydration, headache, weakness, and cramps are some common symptoms of water deficiency in the body. Logically, this fact is correct as your body loses more fluid on the keto diet, so you need to drink more water to maintain the desired water level.

The Keto diet contains low carbs with high fat and moderate protein. Low carb food has common salt or sodium, which is a vital electrolyte to the body then your kidney will extricate more fluid through urine. This reaction causes low water in our bodies. Sometimes people drink too much water that takes you to overhydration that keeps you up at night for frequent urination. 

Primarily people have confusion regarding how much water should we add to our keto diet to avoid any health issues. In this article, we will cover this query as well as we will also discuss the good options of keeping your body hydrated on low carb food.


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Water Importance to our Body

Every day you drink water to survive or to help your body to avoid any dehydration. According to medical science, our body has a 60% water level in whole body weight. When you lose weight, ideally, you are losing the water weight of your body. Water plays a vital role in maintaining bodily functions, uses water in cell reproduction, and helps organs or tissue control our body's temperature.

Keeping water level at an optimum point helps your body protect the spinal cord and work as a lubricant for your joints. When you drink an adequate amount of water, it removes the waste from your body through urination and defecation. Water is more important to regulate digestion. 


How does keto diet affect your body's water level? 

If you are a beginner to the keto diet, you may be unaware that you need to maintain your water level. Most people face dehydration issues as a side effect of the ketogenic diet. Carbs are essential to our body’s functioning, as carbohydrates hold sodium and water in the body. When you eat less carb, you retain less water and less salt.

The basic fundamental behind low water levels on the keto diet is glucose is the energy that we get from the food. Glucose from carbs is stored in your muscle and liver in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is the other bunch of glucose molecules. According to science, every gram of glucose stored in glycogen has 3 gm of water. Moreover, carbs help insulin secretion. 

Insulin triggers your kidney to keep sodium at the desired level instead of adding it to urine to remove wastage from the body. Low carb diet did not produce enough insulin, so your kidney will release more sodium than the average level. If our body excretes more sodium, then it needs more water. To combat low sodium side effects, you should drink more water while on the keto diet. 

How is keto diet and dehydration connected? 

This is one of the frequently asked questions on the internet. You already read how water’s functioning in our body. As a fact, you must know that the keto diet has low salt, resulting in more salt excretion. This situation can be challenging, especially for those who already have low sodium levels in their body. Getting enough sodium in our body is necessary because sodium is one of the essential electrolytes of our body.

Low sodium can be the reason for extreme fatigue, muscle weakness. If your water has not the desired level of water, then you must be ready to face dehydration. Sometimes few people feel thirsty as usual due to ketosis. As you are on track to weight loss, you will avoid more salty and processed food, one of the primary sources of sodium. 

However, dehydration can be a sign of knowing that your body is going into a ketosis state. In this stage, your body will produce more ketones to avoid any external source of energy (carbs). This can lead to electrolytes imbalance and water dehydration. Both of these reactions can cause some health complications for a temporary period. 


Consequences of low water on the keto diet 

Low water intake on the keto diet can cause some health issues. These issues can vary from person to person because we did not have the same body's responding functionality. Some people will start feeling dehydration from the first week of the keto diet, and some didn’t get any side effects. Avoiding an adequate amount of water on keto can give you some common side effects of dehydration. It is helpful to be aware of these symptoms of dehydration so that we can cure or treat them properly to avoid any health complications. Here are some mild to severe symptoms of dehydration – 


  1. Headache – A common health issue of keto dehydration. When your body does not have the desired water level, it can disturb the bloodstream functioning, leading to a headache.
  2. Dry mouth – On the Keto diet, dry mouth is the first sign of ketosis state. As your body enters into a ketosis state, it will start losing water weight, which will increase your thirst, sweating, or you will feel a dry mouth. 
  3. Dark Coloured urine – A standard colour of human urine is pale yellow. If you didn’t drink enough water on the keto diet, you might see your urine colour is dark yellow. This dark colour is happened due to more sodium excretion from our body. 
  4. Fatigue – Early symptoms of keto flu of low water on the keto diet. It is habitual that your body will feel an intense energy level or feel tired or dizzy because the keto diet changes the energy production system from carbohydrates to stored fat cells. Carbs are the primary energy source as carbs are easily breakable into energy, and our body is habitual with carbs. So on keto, you limit the sugar and carbs intake then your body will take some time to react to these changes.
  5. Faster heartbeat – Yes, dehydration sometimes causes a quicker heartbeat. When your body does not have enough energy level and is doing some effort or hard work, it is usual to have a faster heartbeat. However, this increased heartbeat will come down to normal levels after a while.
  6. Fainting – A well-known symptom of dehydration. Low water levels can impact badly on your blood pressure and blood sugar which can result in fainting. 
  7. Rapid breathing – You may be feeling this issue. Rarely some people will face rapid breathing in the keto diet. This happened due to the low water level in our bodies. To maintain the O2 level in the body, our mind sends immediate action to the nerve system to adopt more oxygen through breathing, which will cause rapid breathing. 

How much water should you drink on the keto diet?

There is no fixed rule or thumb rule about how much water is good to avoid dehydration on the keto diet? In general, this water quantity can vary from person to person body structure. Doctors or health experts usually suggested 6 to 8-ounce glasses of water every day to keep our bodies hydrated, but there is no evidence to prove this figure.

If you eat some more salty or processed food, you will drink more water to reduce the acidic effect of that food item. The WHO recommendation suggests that you judge how much water you have to intake on the keto diet based on your weight. One glass of water on 10kg weight. If you have an 80kg weight, you have to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day to avoid any low water health issues. 

In reality, the water intake also depends on the climate and environment in which you are living. Suppose you are in the hotter zone, you will drink more water on ketosis than average level, and if you live in a cold area, your body’s water requirements on the keto diet differ from the usual demand. It would be best if you gave more attention to water intake when you are on the keto diet.

The main reason you are losing the body's water weight is to maintain the water quantity in your body to avoid dehydration. Secondly, on the keto diet, our metabolism rate changes due to your diet shift to low carb food, and you are doing more exercise or hard work to lose weight, so the range of water level demand should also be managed by considering these facts and figures.

To fulfil your electrolytes requirements, you should take care of food choices as you have to pay attention to which food has more nutrients and low carb? Moreover, you can take help from a dietitian to prepare a good diet and keto features to lose maximum weight in a short period. 

Options of stay hydrated on the keto diet

As you know, water is so valuable to our bodies. So it’s pretty necessary to maintain the water level, especially if you are on the keto diet. Few ways can help you to keep your body hydrated on the keto diet. If you are already experiencing low water side effects of dehydration, it’s best to rehydrate your body by bringing some changes in your lifestyle.

keto and dehydration
Keto and Dehydration


  • Drink more water: One of the vital factors to stay away from the adverse effects of dehydration. Drinking more water is an excellent way to rehydrate your body. It’s one of the easy and cheapest ways to hydrate as water is accessible to everyone. You have to consider water intake on the keto diet based on external factors such as temperature, environmental factors, Climate change, and internal factors such as metabolism rate. 
  • Rapid Hydration drinks benefits: Yes, but in the limit. When you face a deficiency of electrolytes and experience fatigue or low energy level, you can take help from energy drinks made from natural sources without adding sugar. This is the most common way to replenish lost electrolytes and rehydrate the body in fast mode. You can have some glucose powder added to water to keep the hydration level at optimum.
  • Characteristics of water-rich food items: Yes, you can maintain the water level on keto by eating high water food items. The Keto diet does not have more carbs, so water-rich fruits & vegetables are good options instead of carb-rich food. Some fruits and vegetables have more water which will help your body to prevent dehydration. These food items also have a good amount of fibre to keep your stomach full and avoid any constipation problem. Here is the list of some water-rich food fruits
  1. Peaches ( Contains up to 87% water) 
  2. Strawberries ( Have up to 89% water) 
  3. Watermelon ( Up to 92% water) 
  4. Grapefruit ( contains up to 90% water) 

Following fruits, here are some water-rich vegetables – 

  1. Cucumber ( Have up to 94% water) 
  2. Lettuce ( Contains up to 95% water) 
  3. Radishes ( Up to 94% water) 
  4. Celery ( Have up to 90% water) 
  5. Mushrooms (Upto 92% water)


Eight glasses of water per day Myth 

Probably, you have heard the 8×8 rule. This is not the thumb rule, and this was given by The Food and Nutrition Board of National Academy of Science in 1945 that an adult should drink 8 ounces of water 8 times per day to keep the body hydrated and energetic.

This rule was based on the 19th century. There was no rocket science behind this 8×8 rule. Health experts thought that water is essential for the kidneys to wash out harmful substances or fatty acids from the body through urine. This Myth was getting too much attention at that time because it showed some health benefits. 


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Is lemon water have help in dehydration? 

Drinking lemon water is an excellent way to treat dehydration. Lemon water also helps in boosting metabolism and improves digestive functioning. Lemon water is an excellent alternative to plain water to replenish lost electrolytes and increase energy levels.

Making lemon water is so easy as all you have is to take one jug of water and squeeze one to two lemons; that’s it. You can add some honey for taste but in a limited quantity because you are on the keto diet. Lemon water is also suitable for improving skin tone. 

Sole water, aka saltwater, is good to intake on a keto diet? 

Sole water contains natural salt or rock salt, much like lemon water with rich minerals. A moderate amount of salt intake is also necessary on the keto diet to avoid any dehydration issue. Most people think adding more salt in a keto diet will not give expected weight loss results, but it is a myth.

Maintaining sodium levels in the body is essential because less sodium will cause more urination that will cause dehydration. Sole water is an excellent option to deal with a low water problem. Making exclusive water is too easy to compare to making other energy drinks. Here are the steps – 

  • Take a jar or bottle and fill it about ¼ of with salt 
  • Add R.O. or filtered water to the top of the jar
  • Take a plastic lid or a plate to cover the mouth of the jar or cap the bottle and shake it gently four to five times
  • Put the bottle or jar aside for some time so that salt dissolves completely. 
  • You can add more rock salt if you want to make more sole water 
  • You can add some sweetener for taste 

Which rock salt is best for making sole water? 

As available on the shops or e-commerce website, you can choose the salt based on the ratings or choose from the following list if one of these salts is available nearby your shops or e-commerce store. 

  • Celtic Sea Salt
  • Redmond real Salt 
  • Himalayan pink Sea salt 


Low water intake can cause electrolytes imbalance. 

Low water on the keto diet can disturb the electrolyte level in our body, which causes a severe type of weakness. One more thing if you drink too much water, that can dilute ketones in the urine, which can flush out electrolytes.

Overhydration can become the cause of unbalanced electrolytes, which results in sickness. The ideal way to control electrolytes in your body is to eat healthy and nutritious food. Include more water-rich food & vegetables, green vegetables. Intermediate fasting is also good but in cautious mode. Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium are some vital electrolytes of the body. 

Weight loss supplement's impact on the water level in our body 

Many users are searching for the answer to this question on the internet. Weight loss supplements are made with some natural and scientific substance to push the body in a ketosis state to lose weight.

You know the thumb rule mostly, our body loses water to weight them it is when your body faces low water or dehydration with keto supplement. You will not face too much dehydration with weight loss pills, but a few side effects can happen when your body starts feeling ketosis symptoms. 


Fluid balance and dehydration connection 

Hydration is one of the best cures to avoid the side effects of dehydration by maintaining an adequate amount of fluid in the body. Drinking water is one of the methods known as healthful hydration. Most people think that drinking water is good to treat dehydration, but there are some other factors in our body.

The Keto diet replaces carbohydrates with high fat and moderate protein alternatives. There are some other minerals like potassium, chloride, and sodium. These minerals have the task to control the fluid levels in your cells and tissues so that your body can perform the best.

It would help if you thanked one of the body's vital organs, i.e. kidney, which plays a crucial role in disposing of excess electrolytes or salt through urine. If your body is struggling with low water intake, you may be patient with an antidiuretic hormone which can be treated by adding more fluid or water to your keto diet.


Coconut water can improve water levels or prevent dehydration. 

Yes, you can have some coconut water on the keto diet. It has a sweet, nutty taste, loaded with low amounts of carbohydrates in electrolytes and a little bit of sugar. As per the nutrition facts, 100ml coconut water has 8.5 gm carbs and 1.7 g protein, 252 mg sodium and 600 mg potassium. If you feel dehydrated or fainting due to low water intake, drinking coconut water can be a good option. Don’t drink too much coconut water because you are on the keto diet, and maximum, you can add 40 to 60 gm carbs per day per your Ketogenic diet schedule. 

Top keto-friendly drinks that can prevent dehydration

There are many options of drink which can be the alternative of water and helps your body to keep hydrated. Unsweetened tea or coffee can be a good option as it boosts your metabolism, which can help you in weight loss. Black tea has numerous health advantages. Diet soda with zero sugar or carbs, but you should avoid drinking diet soda on the keto diet if you have some stomach or gastric issues.

Sparkling water or club soda, it is loaded with bubbles of co2. It can help you to replenish your electrolytes. Keto protein powder is a new product in the market. With the help of this powder, you can make carbs accessible to keto smoothies which not only helps you to keep hydrated but also refresh your mood and can also be the option of before workout energy booster. 


You should decide the water intake on the keto diet with the help of environmental factors and your body structure. It would be best to keep the metabolism rate in your mind while deciding how much ounce water is essential, mainly to keep your body hydrated on the keto diet.

How Much Water To Drink on Keto? | Keto and Dehydration
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