Is Cottage Cheese Keto Friendly? Benefits, Nutritional facts, & 6 Cottage Cheese Keto Recipes

Cottage Cheese is Keto Friendly
Cottage Cheese is Keto Friendly
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Is Cottage Cheese Keto?

Who does not like cheese? It is creamy, delicious and adds greatness to your food. Out of all the different cheese varieties, cottage cheese is considered one of the most loved and preferred types of all time. Are you someone who wants to diet but does not want to forgo the cheesy goodness? If yes, then stick around while we tell you “Is Cottage Cheese keto-friendly?” Moreover, how cheese can be beneficial to your weight loss plans? 

With its mild yet tasty flavour, cottage cheese is a great food option in general and a perfect fit for the keto diet. Since the keto diet's main requirement is a food item that is low in carbs and high in fat, a particular variant of cheese which is low in carbs and high in fats, fits into the requirement.

Cheese is a popular ingredient in most recipes around the world. They carry fewer calories and contain various nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in a reasonable amount. So, let's explore further how cottage cheese can be an essential asset to the keto diet.


Cottage Cheese With Strawberries on Keto
Cottage Cheese With Strawberries on Keto


How is cottage cheese related to the keto diet?

Cottage cheese is a creamy soft variety of cheese that has a mild but tasty flavour. It undergoes a rigorous process of pasteurization before it is made. It is also available in different sub-varieties and can be used in numerous recipes.

Now that you know what cottage cheese is, you must be wondering why exactly we are talking about its benefit when consumed during a keto diet. We will answer this question shortly, but first, we would like to tell you how cheese fulfils the keto diet requirements.


  1. The Keto diet requires something low in carbs and rich in fat with moderate protein amounts. Cottage cheese of certain varieties fulfils that requirement. Although cheese is well-known to be a rich protein source, the high-fat type carries the right quantity of fat and outweighs the protein amount. 
  2. There are two types of fats, good and bad. As the name suggests, good is preferably better any day. Good fat contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, as these keep heart health in check. Any other kinds of fat, namely trans fat and saturated fats, are not suitable for health. Trans fat is the worst and should be avoided at all costs. Cottage cheese contains only good fats and is a reliable source of fat for your keto diet.
  3. You can eat cheese independently or make it a part of your ketogenic recipe even. The best part is the fat content of cottage cheese can be enhanced with a fat-rich recipe. Other varieties such as dry, wet, and small/large curds come in the high-fat variant. One can even go for the lactose-free version if the need calls for it. 


Nutritional facts related to cottage cheese on keto

Let us explain to you all the nutritional benefits cottage cheese offers. Below is a concise and informative list of the same

  • Fat content: The amount of fat present in cottage cheese is about 4.3 grams per 100 grams for creamed cheese. Yet, the amount for low-fat cheese is as low as one gram per 100 grams. The same amount is also for the sodium added version of low fat, whereas in the non-fat version, the amount is even softer and lands at 0.3 gram per 100 grams. It is crucial to understand that a high-fat version of cottage cheese is required; in this version, the fat content is about 4.5 grams per 100 grams. 
  • Protein content: Cottage cheese is famous for being a good source of protein. There are about 28 grams of protein per 100 grams in low-fat cottage cheese, whereas, in high fat, the lowest amount goes to 20 to 23 grams per 100 grams. This ensures that cheese is an excellent protein source, making it apt to strengthen bone and tooth. 
  • Carbohydrate content: Carbohydrate content in a low-fat variant of cottage cheese is such that it is 10.8 grams per 100 grams, yet in a high-fat variant, it can go as less than 2-3 grams per 100 grams. According to this, opting for the high fat and low carbohydrate variety of cheese is the way to go for the sustenance of a positive keto diet.
  • Mineral content: A plethora of minerals are present in cottage cheese. Some of these are calcium, phosphorus, selenium, sodium. These four minerals are present in abundance and offer their unique benefits. 
  • In 4 ounce of cheese, about 411 milligrams of sodium is present. This is a healthy amount as per day an adult should take about 2300 milligrams of sodium to stay healthy. 
  • In 4 ounce serving of cottage cheese, about 180 milligrams of phosphorus is present, which is again a healthy option. 700 milligrams of phosphorus is recommended for adults.
  • In selenium, about 11 micrograms are present in 4-ounce servings, and about 55 micrograms per day are enough for any adult. 
  • For calcium, 94 milligrams per 4 ounces are serving, and the daily standard is 1000 milligrams. Other minerals are also present yet in negligible amounts.
  • Vitamin content: The vitamin content in cottage cheese makes it one of the healthiest food items to consume. B-vitamins are abundantly present in cheese. Yet A and C vitamins are not in particular abundance.


Cottage Cheese is Keto Friendly
Cottage Cheese is Keto Friendly


Keto Benefits of Cottage cheese 

Since now we know all the nutritional information on cottage cheese, it is time to understand how beneficial it can be for the keto diet.

Cheese could be an indispensable part of the keto diet, but only one variety of it could assume that position will stop and that where it is high fat cheese.

Every other type contains low fat and more carbohydrate with a higher amount of protein, and such composition is not favourable for the keto diet.

Let us now take a good look at all the keto benefits that cottage cheese can offer. 

  • It can boost metabolism and does the speed of weight loss. A slower metabolism is the real culprit when it comes to weight loss. You may have heard many people reporting to be dieting and working out and still not losing weight as fast or as efficiently as other people do. This is a slower metabolism. Therefore food items that boost metabolism are essential to sustain a positive and long-lasting weight loss. It can only be done with a metabolism booster that is food items that trigger metabolism. Cottage cheese is one such food item that helps in increasing metabolism. It is safe to say that the amount by which it increases might not be very consequential. 
  • Cottage cheese is a tasty way of following the keto diet. Many people are apprehensive about dieting, and the primary reason behind is that they do not want to consume food that does not taste good. Yet, that is not the case with cheese because it is simply mouth-watering. Cottage cheese can be used to make various kinds of dishes and can be used as one of the ingredients in practically anything. Even though it has a mild flavour, it is seen as a delicious food item combined with proper spices. 
  • It is a great muscle builder. A very tragic fact about weight loss is that you may lose a good deal of muscle mass; this is undesirable for practically anyone. As a result, your body, despite being thin, will end up looking weak and not well put. Therefore, high protein content food is essential during any diet and especially during the keto diet. Cottage cheese is relatively abundant in protein and does help in the building of muscles. Give in a good hour of gym six days a week, and you have your abs ready within a few months. 
  • Cheese offers calcium and phosphorus, both of which are very good for the bone. This is a topping on all its keto benefits because it is essential to have a healthy bone structure. Cottage cheese is rich in calcium and phosphorus, both of which make our bones stronger and prevent your process and related illnesses in life. People do not realize it, but during weight loss, various deficiencies develop, and it is susceptible to have weaker bones because of it. It acts as an addition to all the keto benefits that cottage cheese offers; bone health's sustenance is a great one. 
  • Antioxidants for body cleansing are also present in cheese. Weight loss is generally hampered when toxic substances are present in the body. Moreover, that can be elevated with antioxidants that prevent free radicals' action free radicals' movement on the cells and help provide a full detox. With the help of antioxidants, the process of weight loss becomes smooth. 
  • The presence of healthy fats for ketosis is essential. The metabolic process of ketosis is the heart and soul of the keto diet, and the most potent thing about cottage cheese is that it sustains that process. It prompts the body to extract the fatty acids from the cells. Further, those fat tissues can get converted to usable energy in the liver because most of our food intake comes from carbohydrates. The ketosis process is not very common in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle or consume high carbohydrate food items. With the help of cheese, such a whole ordeal can be solved.


How is cottage cheese better on keto compared to other types of cheese?

Cottage cheese is an excellent choice for the keto diet. Majorly, we refer to the tremendous fat variety of cheese but let us understand why cottage cheese wins over other types of cheese in the race of the keto diet. 

  • Canned cheese or spray cheese: Even though this type of cheese is not very high in calories, the nutritional content involves many carbs. The deciding factor is whether there are sufficient nutrients in it or not. In canned cheese, there are not enough nutrients, in general, to make it good enough for the keto diet. Since canned cheese is low in calories, it is favourable for other types of diet. 
  • American cheese: This is a type of processed cheese and contains saturated fats. As we already know, saturated fats are not healthy and should be avoided in any diet, left alone the keto diet. There are generally about 18 grams or more of unsaturated fats in American cheese yet marginal trans-fat. 
  • Cheddar cheese: This type of cheese is low in calorie as one slice of it contains only 86 calories. But the nutrient content is not apt for the keto diet. Cheddar cheese also comes in mild flavour, yet the saturated fat content in it is relatively high. Saturated fat increases the risk of heart diseases and related illnesses. 
  • Ricotta cheese: Ricotta is high in carbohydrates; therefore, it is not a good option for the keto diet. It is also a good source of fats but not the best fit because of ricotta's carbohydrate-intensive nature. 

From the above examples of different types of cheese, it is clear that cottage cheese is a good fit for the keto diet. But it is crucial to understand that within cheese, too, only the fat-rich variety is good for the keto diet. The rest of the combinations may jeopardize it.


Best Cottage Cheese Keto Friendly Recipes 

The list under this is probably a big one because you can add cottage cheese in so many different food items that it is almost baffling, but we will let you know about some of the significant recipes that are super keto-friendly.

  1. Keto cottage cheese pancakes: Make your run of the mill pancakes but with a twist. Add cottage cheese to your everyday breakfast pancake and make it keto ready. 
  2. Keto cottage cheese lasagne: you can now eat delicious lasagne and top it with cottage cheese instead of other variants. Make sure to use all fat-rich products to make this lasagne, and the choice is entirely yours. So, go full chef on this recipe.
  3. Keto cottage cheese eggs: Top some protein-rich food with something more protein-rich. Add keto cheese to your daily intake of an egg to consume a delicious breakfast. 
  4. Keto cottage cheese salad: Make your cheese salad by mixing cottage cheese with your favourite veggies or just hard-boiled eggs. Give your twist to the recipe by using spices like paprika and red chillies. 
  5. Keto cottage cheese stuffed chicken steaks: Enjoy this super tasty cheese recipe by adding some cottage cheese and chicken in the steak form. Bake your steaks to make them extra healthy. Prevent frying. ‘
  6. Keto cottage cheesecake: Give a twist to the regular cheesecake by making it using cottage cheese. Use sugar-free sweetener for baking your cake. Add other varieties of ingredients but make sure all of them are carb-free and fat-rich. 


Cottage Cheese Salad on Keto
Cottage Cheese Salad on Keto


Beware While Buying Keto-Friendly Cottage Cheese 

Indeed you are now convinced that keto cheese must be a part of your keto diet not only because it will help sustain it but also because it is so delicious. But some of the varieties of cottage cheese can be consumed on a keto diet.

It is essential to select your keto cottage cheese by keeping several things in mind. So, we bring you a buying guide to only go home with the kind of cheese you need.

  • The cheese that you buy must be full fat and should not contain any thickeners or stabilizers. It should not contain any more than 3 grams of carbohydrates in 100 grams serving. 
  • Select only the cheese of a branded dairy since all the crucial details about its nutrient composition will be provided along with it. Local sellers might be selling low-fat cheese under the guise of it being high fat. Do not fall for such scamsters. 
  • Please make sure you only take plain. It means that it should not have any add on in it. 



Now that we have given you a complete guide to how cottage cheese is keto-friendly for your weight loss journey. And how it can help achieve your weight loss goals through keto dieting, we are sure that you will be soon shedding those extra pounds without sweating too much. We look forward to hearing your success story, and we hope that cottage cheese becomes an integral part of that success story.



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