What happens if you don’t eat enough fat on the keto?

What happens if you don't eat enough fat on keto
What happens if you don't eat enough fat on keto

What happens if you don't eat enough fat on keto?

A keto diet is a low carb and high-fat diet. You have to cut your calories way too low so that your body can turn to alternative energy sources. However, to ensure rapid weight loss you need to follow the diet rules properly. This means you need to eat enough fat on keto.

Because, when you are giving no carb to your body in ketosis your body needs another fuel to run on it. Generally, the body breaks down the carbohydrate into glycogen for producing energy and keeping you active. 

But during ketosis you restrict carb, then what does the body use for fuel? The answer is it uses ketones by the breakdown of fat. So to make sure that you stay active and healthy during weight loss, a sufficient amount of healthy fat intake is important. Let's understand how not eating enough fat on keto can make your diet go down.  

How does eating fat on Keto help in losing fat? 

A commonly asked question by people about the keto diet is ” how eating more fat on keto will help in losing weight”.  We understand that it might sound a little awkward to you that for cutting fat you need to take up more fat. But it is true, when you eat more healthy fat then your body starts to use it as fuel as well as keeps burning the extra fat from the undesired places.

Eliminating fat from your body is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Sometimes, the fat is not only what you see on the outside of your body but it also surrounds the organs. This is a very risky virtue for your body.

Therefore to make sure you attain a healthy life do take time to look after your body and follow a keto diet in which you can trim all that extra fat by a not so strict diet. In this thread we will tell you how not enough fat on keto can be unhealthy for your body. 

How does fat play an important role in body functioning 

Fat is not what we mostly get from processed food, carbonated drinks and sugary products. These fats are not good for your body, instead they are harmful to it. This fat can cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease etc by their regular use.

When we talk about fat, we are focusing on healthy sources such as fat gained by vegetable oils, fruits, vegetables, nuts etc. These sources are good for your overall health. To understand the importance and how fat play an important role in body functioning read below 

  • Regulation of hormones: fat is a very essential need for the body. Fat helps in producing and regulating some hormones in the body. The adipose tissue secretes hormones such as leptin. Leptin is a helpful hormone for regulating appetite in the body. Fat is also essential for reproductive health. For example, if a woman will not have an adequate amount of fat stored in her body then her menstruation can stop moreover she will be Incapable of conceiving.   
  • Maintaining good nervous transmission: Fats plays an important role in boosting nerve impulse transmission. It is also good and helpful for better memory storage and making better tissue structure. Lipids are a form of fat that helps in developing nerve cell tissue.  
  • Some other vital role of fat: Fat also helps in blood clotting in the body. Fats compounds such as omega -3 and omega -6 help in regulating the levels of cholesterol in the body. Moreover, fat is responsible for controlling inflammation in parts such as joints and tissues.  
  • Protection: The fat present on our skin protects us from damage. Furthermore, the fat provides a cushion-like coverage around the organs for their protection. Also acts like an insulator that keeps the body temperature at the proper level. 
  • Helps in utilizing vitamins: There are many vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K which are fat-soluble. This means that for their proper utilization the body needs to have a proper value of fat in it.  These vitamins are essential for good health hence fat becomes important for their proper absorption. 

Why it is advised to take low carb keto food during ketosis. 

Ketosis is a metabolic process, in which you will change the medium of energy for your body.  Generally, your body runs on the by-product of carbohydrates. This by-product is glycogen or glucose.

When you eat food the carbs break down into glycogen and provide energy to your body. But during ketosis, you follow a diet in which you cut away carbs to a very low level. During this your body searches for an alternative source of energy. So what happens at this time is your body starts to consume fat and break it down into ketones for energy production. 

If you are looking for weight loss and you will not cut away carbs properly, then your body will not be able to make ketones. It will keep working on glucose and you will not lose weight.

So, to build ketones and lose weight through ketosis in a ketogenic diet, it is advised to take a low carb keto diet during ketosis. This diet can include several low-calorie vegetables, fruits and nuts which will have lots of healthy fat in them.  

How to make your body lose weight quickly by hitting the right macros 

In any diet for weight loss, you have to maintain a proper diet chart. The most prominent role in a keto diet is the role of macros. If you will not have a look at your macros which are protein, fats and carbs properly then there are chances that you may not achieve the desired results.

Additionally, it is seen that people try to eat less on the keto diet for quick weight loss. But this is the wrong method. By this, you will not only decline the weight loss but you will also make yourself dizzy, exhausted and weak.

These are the main reasons why people feel exhausted during a keto diet, that they don't hit their macros properly. To make sure that you don't repeat the same mistake we have individually described each Marco's importance. This will help you understand the vital role of macros during a  ketogenic diet. Read below to know more.  

  • Why count on macros? 

Macros are the basic unit from where your body gets calories. Hence if you are looking for weight loss it is important to take note of your calorie intake which eventually means you need to count on your macros.

Moreover, macros help cut off unnecessary extra fat from the body and build up healthy muscles. Macros also support a healthy body and manage energy level. Therefore it is so important to count on macros.  

  • How to count macros? 

After reading the importance of macros, you must be wondering how you will count them? Do you need a dietician for it? No, you don't need anyone. Nowadays the technology has come so far and you can easily count the calories and macros of your daily intake by using an online macro calculator. This calculator will ask about your age, gender, weight and other information. In the end, they will tell you about how many calories you need in a day for a healthy and fit body.  


  • Estimate the macros need

This means that you need to calculate the number of proteins, fats and carbs in your diet. For a successful keto diet, you must take food that is 75% made up of fat, 10-15 % will be of protein and 5-10%  carbohydrates.

It is highly important to eat an adequate amount of fat and protein to keep your body healthy during ketosis. Or else you will face problems such as keto flu, excess dehydration during ketosis, and exhaustion and fatigue during a keto diet. Therefore the best way to avoid this is by eating an adequate amount of fats, proteins and very low carbs.  

How to get enough fat on keto?

A ketogenic diet can be a tough change in your diet. When you suddenly change the source of energy you get from carbs to the source of fat your body goes through many hurdles. Besides, the biggest difficulty which people generally face is how to get enough fat on keto.

When you are on a high-fat low carb diet, you must take healthy fat during your keto diet. This healthy fat includes 3 basic and must to have things in your diet. Also to make sure that you get the best results from the keto diet do avoid some foods such as processed meat, fried food and anything containing trans fat. Below is a 3 step guide that you should include in your daily diet chart. 


How to get enough fat on keto
How to get enough fat on keto
  • Step 1: include healthy oils 

Including healthy oils in your diet is a must. Generally, people don't know which oils are good and which can make your ketosis process low. Trans fat such as cookies, fried food, and frozen pizza should be avoided on your ketogenic diet. 

Your diet should include unsaturated fat. For example, olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil are good for consumption during a keto diet. 

  • Step 2: Make a habit of munching nuts 

The reason for obesity and being overweight is overeating and unnecessary munchings. But what if you can lose weight through these eating habits? With the help of nuts, you can gain your fitness goal and also satisfy your munching habit. But do remember that not all nuts are keto-friendly. Therefore, only eat keto-friendly nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts etc. These are some of the nuts which promote weight loss. 

  • Step 3: Do not skip your veggies and fruits 

It is often seen that during a ketogenic diet, people eat more meat, bacon and fish. However, these are keto-friendly and do support ketosis yet it is advised that you should not skip the intake of veggies and fruits. Because the vegetables and fruits contain so much fibre, hydration and healthy fat in them.

Eating vegetables such as keto mushrooms which is full of the goodness of fibre, protein and iron should be included in your diet. On the other hand fruits such as strawberries, peaches and raspberries are a very good source of energy, vitamins and they are highly keto-friendly.  

How does keto supplements help in accelerating ketosis? 

You should know that every person is different and so are their body needs and requirements. Therefore sometimes meeting all the needs of ketosis through a diet becomes difficult. It is often seen that people also get lethargic and so exhausted during the keto diet that they feel like skipping it.

It is because they are unable to meet the requirements of their body for energy. To overcome this issue and keep you active and focused during weight loss, keto supplement plays a very positive role.

They work in such a manner that boosts your metabolism and blocks the path for storing fat. Instead, it keeps on converting the excess and stored fat into ketones for energy. Some of the best picks of keto supplements are as follows.  

  1. Keto Advantage Keto Burn: Keto Advantage Keto Burn is a BHB based product. It uses beta-hydroxybutyrate for boosting energy and for providing better mental focus. This is a very good product for you if you have a busy schedule and no time to follow a strict diet or fitness routine. Easy to consume oral pills with no extra preparation makes them stand best among all supplements.
  2. Max Ketosis Fuel: With Max Ketosis Fuel say goodbye to extra pounds and weight. The product helps you to burn fat rapidly for energy production. It also helps you to maintain a high metabolic rate and better enthusiasm for your day.  One pill of Max Ketosis Fuel can help you lose five pounds in the just first week of its proper consumption. 
  3. Keto GT: Keto GT provides weight loss as well as suppressed appetite. So for people who have the problem of overeating this product is good for you. It will naturally cut all unwanted fat from your hips, arms, and stomach. The Keto GT Supplement helps in sticking to the ketosis easily. It helps to get rid of the keto flu and maintain a healthy weight loss. With this supplement, you can lose up to 1 Lb in a day which is way too good for you if you are looking for weight loss. 


Other supplements help in weight loss.  

Other than keto supplements, there are also some multivitamins and electrolytes which help in easing out ketosis side effects. It is because when you are in ketosis you lose weight as well as some essential nutrients also. This makes your body dull and exhausted. To cope up with this issue it is suggested to take supplements of multivitamin, electrolytes and MCT oils. Let's see how these supplements help in weight loss.  

  • MCT oils: Medium-chain triglycerides are a healthy source of weight loss supplement. These MCT oils also make energy quickly in the body. Moreover, they help suppress appetite. Hence it is highly suggested to take these healthy oils in your ketogenic diet. 
  • Electrolyte: During ketosis our body undergoes lots of changes. It is seen that during ketosis people urinate a lot more than normal. In this process, they lose essential electrolytes. Due to which people also suffer from electrolyte imbalance and then keto flu. To cope up with this issue on keto it is suggested that you take electrolytes in a supplement form.  This will make things a lot easier for you. Also, it will ease the process of ketosis. 
  • Multivitamin: multivitamin consumption at any time will be beneficial for your health. No wonder they put up good health and wellness in your body. Usually, it is suggested that people should take multivitamins with keto to make it more useful. Vitamins such as B complex and vitamin D are found useful during a keto diet. You can also go for omega -3 and fatty acids for decreasing inflammation in your body. Vitamin C is another multivitamin that is found very useful in general intake. Also if you don't want to take the supplemental form of this multivitamin make sure to add these through fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. 


How to know if we are getting the right fat on keto?

For weight loss during ketosis, it is very important to get enough fat on keto. The signs that you are getting enough fat are getting the signs of ketosis. Because your body will only enter the state of ketosis if it's having enough fat to run on as fuel. 

Some signs which you can easily see during ketosis are bad breath, lethargic feeling for a few days, nausea feeling in the initial stages and suppression in appetite. If you see any one of these signs then know you are into ketosis. And if you see all of them do not panic or be scared because you are on the right journey of weight loss. But for sure not eating enough fat on keto can be a difficult thing in your weight loss. 

Which type of fat is suitable for ketosis? 

As already mentioned, the right type of fat is very important to get the desired results by the keto diet. This right fat includes fat obtained by, bacon, butter, cottage cheese keto, unsaturated fat, nuts and fruits and vegetables.

If you will make a habit of including these in your daily diet then you will see a visible change in your weight. Moreover, getting the keto supplements will also boost the weight loss process as well as metabolism in your body.  

How to stay active while on keto? 

The best way of staying active on a keto is by making your body habitual of working out. You can start with a little jog or walk in the starting. This will keep your muscles flexible and active.

It is advised that you do not go towards high-intensity workouts such as weight lifting, push ups etc, during the keto diet as this will be difficult for you. Instead, start with little activities. Cycling can also be beneficial for you. Other ways to stay active are through the supplements of multivitamins, exogenous ketones and MCT oils that can make your body active on keto. 

Do I need to cut fruits on keto because they are rich in carbs and sugar? 

Cutting all fruits on keto due to their dietary value is wrong. However, most fruits include sugar and carb content; there are still some keto-friendly fruits. Fruits are rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins hence you should not cut them properly from your diet. Instead, eat fruits such as watermelon, avocado, strawberries etc. These fruits will maintain the level of water in your body. As a result, you will not feel the problem of dry mouth or thirst on keto which usually people feel because of dehydration.  

What will happen if I do not eat enough fat on keto? 

The source of energy in a keto diet is entirely fat. Because in a keto diet you cut the carbs very low your body needs fat for its energy and activeness. If you take away the only source of energy from your body (which is fat) then your body will start to fall off. You may feel sick and laid back during ketosis. Chances are high that all this will all make you skip your diet and you will stop the ketogenic diet.

Therefore, to make sure you get the whole benefits of the keto diet do eat enough fat on keto. Also, when the body will not have enough fat on keto then it will start to break down protein into amino acids for energy. And your body running on amino acids is worse than carbs. Hence do make sure to not let this happen. 

Final thought

A ketogenic diet is a fully fat-based diet. In this diet, you have to consume the highest proportion of fat. Therefore to keep your body active and healthy do not skip the consumption of healthy fats which are mentioned in this thread.

Do not think that if you eat more fat you will gain more weight. This is not the truth, during ketosis you need ketones for fueling your body which means you need more fat for your body. Hence not enough fat on keto can be a drawback for energy and health during weight loss. Share this with someone who needs to have this information.

What Happens If You Don't Eat Enough Fat on Keto?
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What Happens If You Don't Eat Enough Fat on Keto?
A commonly asked question by people about the keto diet is " how eating more fat on keto will help in losing weight".  We understand that it might sound a little awkward to you that for cutting fat you need to take up more fat. But it is true, when you eat more healthy fat then your body starts to use it as fuel as well as keeps burning the extra fat from the undesired places.
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