Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Keto?

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Keto
Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Keto

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On Keto?

There are plenty of reasons you face such a scenario where you do not lose weight during ketosis. In this article, we will try to unmask everything about keto whether you can find the answer to the question “Why you are not losing weight on keto”.

The reasons may vary where you stop losing weight on keto. Still, one thing should be clear in mind that keto has become very popular nowadays because it helps individuals lose weight and help them reach their weight loss goal, but sometimes and for a few people, keto does not work that way. Let’s understand what ketosis is and why people stop losing weight on keto?

What is Keto or Ketosis?

To understand ketosis, first, we must understand how our body reacts with our food and the necessity of food? So, when we eat food and as soon as food enters our body, many processes start, and one of them is to break down the food and convert the food into fuel which gives our body energy to work.

In this process, our body takes fuel from carbs and sugar and converts it into fuel to provide our body energy to perform tasks.

Now, what will happen if we give our bodies extra fuel? The extra fuel will convert itself into fat for future use. If we have a habit of overeating, we usually and regularly give our extra body fuel that slowly and gradually becomes fat and overweight.

So, in ketosis, when we follow a strict diet or have keto supplements, our body switches the pattern to take fuel. It means our body converts stored fat into fuel instead of carbs and sugar.

While doing that in ketosis, our body starts burning fat already stored in our body and converts the fat into fuel, and as a result, people start losing weight on keto.

In short, ketosis is a process where our body burns fat and converts those fats into fuel instead of taking fuel from carbs and sugar, which ultimately helps a group of individuals lose weight or control weight.

Why Do People Need Ketosis?

The reason is very simple and easy to elaborate on, and people choose ketosis for two reasons. Either they are overweight, or they tried almost everything to lose weight but could not lose it. Now the question is why people become overweight. There are many reasons, but the most popular reasons are:-

  • A habit of overeating:- The primary reason for your overweight can be your habit of overeating. How? Because as we read above about extra fuel that becomes fat, overeating means the extra fuel means you are eating more than required. We must understand every calorie count and every extra calorie in your body giving a hand and making you overweight. The science behind this process is also very simple. Let’s try to understand with an example.
  • Suppose a person needs 1600 calories in a day as per his body and routine. If he takes more calories than that, let’s assume he took 2000 calories, but he needs 1600, so the extra 400 calories will be of no use so it will not burn and be there in your body and gradually becomes fat that stores in your body and as a result, you gain inches.
  • Low Metabolism:- Another reason can be the low rate of metabolism in your body. Metabolism is a type of chemical reaction that helps your body convert food into energy. Generally, suppose you are less physically active. In that case, you might have the problem of low metabolism, and your body converts less food into energy, and the rest of the substances will convert into fat that makes you fat. The common symptoms of low metabolism are that you gain weight, or it becomes tough for you to losing weight on keto, crave sugar, feel bloated, or your blood sugar might be on a higher level.
  • Medical conditions: It is unnecessary to gain weight because of the above two reasons. You might become overweight because of genetic issues or because of a few medical conditions. So, if you usually think that neither you are having too much food nor you are less physically active and still gaining weight, the reason can be a few medical conditions, and you should go and consult your doctor for that. Underactive thyroid, diabetes, aging, stress and low mood, tiredness, and fluid retention are a few reasons that can make you gain weight.
  • So if any of the conditions you think you might be facing, consult the doctor right away before making any changes in your diet or before using any keto supplements.


Top 7 Reasons For Not Losing Weight on Keto

Now, let’s discuss the main point of this article: why you are not losing weight on keto or why you are not losing weight while doing the keto diet. The reason may vary. Let’s discuss a few of them.


Top 7 Reasons For Not Losing Weight on Keto


  • Unable to achieve ketosis

Sometimes people initiate a ketosis diet or keto supplements but still don’t lose weight, and the most common reason is they do not achieve ketosis. Why it happens, the most common reason for that is people unable to cut down required carbs from the diet, and they did not even realize. They think they cut down the carbs intake, but they were still taking it unconsciously.

SO, people need to count on what they are eating, What is the carbs rates in their food. Also, if you want, you can take a machine called a ketone breath analyzer that finds out how many ketones are there in your body.

  • Eating too much protein.

Many people think that in the keto diet, they can have a high protein diet. So what happens when you have a high protein diet is that protein breaks down into amino acids and converts them to some sugar, and that is why while being on a ketosis diet, you do not losing weight on keto.

If protein goes more than 35 percent of a person's diet, the chances to get into ketosis or enter into ketosis state become very less because, on the keto diet, a person takes the majority of their calorie from fat that is almost 60%. As a result, fat intakes give little room for protein, which is how extra protein converts into amino and type of sugars.

  • Not counting calories

Another biggest reason for not losing weight on keto is not accounting for the calories you are taking throughout the day. How does it happen? It happens when you are following a ketosis diet or maybe along with keto supplements, you eat high-fat food, and as we all know, fast food means more calories, and that is how we forget to count on calories. We think like that, we cut the carbs and eat high-fat food so we will lose weight. No, it does not happen the way it seems. If your calories go higher than you burn throughout the day, you will not lose weight, and rather you start gaining. So here you can see, how much fat you need to eat on the keto?

  • Physically little or not active

Doing exercise is the most important part of losing weight on keto. Although, in the majority, diet matters but exercise is also as important as diet. When you exercise, you enhance the metabolism of your body that helps you to burn more calories. So if you are not physically active, you will burn fewer calories, which is what happens with many of the users who are on a ketosis diet or who are using keto supplements. So if you are not losing weight on keto, be more physically active.

  • Consumption of alcohol

Many drink types are high in carbohydrates that may disturb your ketosis process because we need to cut down the carbohydrates in ketosis. While consuming alcohol, we have carbohydrates that may not help you lose weight in ketosis.

Many alcohols like vodka come with fewer carbohydrates and can be taken while doing ketosis. Still, this drink is high in calories, and alcohol gives you plenty of calories and carbs without any nutrients.

  • Stress

Stress also plays a role in weight gain as hormones like cortisol increase when you take the stress and hold fat and water retention in the body. When a person takes stress, whether it is any stress like work or anxiety, it will make it harder for a person to lose weight, and that also can make hurdles in your weight loss journey. So if you are doing a ketosis diet or taking keto supplements, make sure you manage your stress to get the ultimate results.

  • Snacking

Snacking plays an important role while dieting or when you want to lose weight because a snack is the only thing that can postpone your heavy meal, but, at the same time, it can give you extra calories. If you choose the wrong snacks, you might have gained some extra calories that can interfere with your diet and stop you from losing weight on keto.

The same thing happens when people say that they are not losing weight in keto because they make the wrong choice of snacks, which gives you extra calories in keto and turns into fat in your body.

Best Way To Lose Weight Fast On The Keto

While doing the keto diet, there are one more options people get as an alternative: keto supplements. There are plenty of ketogenic supplements such as Keto GT Pills available in the market that you can buy to enhance ketosis.

Almost the same ingredients are used in keto supplements, but the most common is BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate. So why do they use BHB in most of the supplements? Because BHB is the chemical our body produces, BHB helps give our body a load of energy when carbs and sugar are low.

This is the same situation where our body reacts when it is in a ketosis state. Most people initially start the keto diet, but as ketosis is quite hard to achieve and it can take up to 3 days to 3 weeks, people are unable to stick to the keto diet because while involving with the keto diet, all will you have hunger in starting and many people unable to hold hunger or thirst on keto. As a result, they break the diet, and that is why keto supplements have been made.

While using keto supplements, they claim that these supplements can enhance the procedure of ketosis and help your body to get into a ketosis state within a short period. As we read above, it has BHB, which gives you energy; hence it might help you stick to your diet without feeling exhausted or without having a single cheat day as cheat days are also counted as calories that can disturb your whole diet plan.

In short, Keto supplements claim to give your body an enhancement of ketosis where you achieve the keto zone in a short time as compared to a normal diet. If you are taking keto supplements and your diet, you will get the result in a shorter time.



The major concern of people was why they are not losing weight on keto, and the answer was quite the circumstances on which if you come under that you will stop losing weight, which is what we read above in detail.

Not to conclude the question, the cross-questions come to mind what we can do? The answer is very simple you can keep an eye on all the above facts that might stop you from losing weight and being accountable of all the procedure your are following, make sure you are following ketosis diet correctly to get the result and avoid doing above things which might lead you towards not losing weight in a keto diet.

Why Am I Not Losing Weight On The Keto Diet?
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Why Am I Not Losing Weight On The Keto Diet?
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