Why Am I So Thirsty on Keto?

Thirsty on Keto
Thirsty on Keto
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Why Am I So Thirsty on Keto? | Keto Dry Mouth

The Keto diet is a whole new change for your body. Whether you talk about the metabolism, energy source, body appearance, and many things change after this new weight loss diet. Moreover, there is also some heavy toll on your health. For example, being exhausted, tired, having a dry mouth, dehydration, headache, and excessive urination are some problems you might face during ketosis. However, these problems are themselves a good sign for your body that the diet is working. But we do understand that dealing with a change is never easy. So we are here to help you give all the necessary details about why you feel thirsty on keto diet. To know more about the topic, do read the following information carefully.

Reasons of Keto Dry Mouth or Thirst on Keto

Have you started the keto diet recently? Are you wondering why you are thirsty on keto? Do you feel more thirsty than usual? Do these things affect your weight loss journey? Don't worry, and we got your back! 

We will tell you all the necessary details and reasons why your body feels this way during ketosis.

To understand the reason behind dehydration of the body during ketosis, you need to understand the mechanism of changing energy fuels during a keto diet. Generally, our body gets energy from glycogen. This glycogen is a by-product of carbs which we take. It is often noticed that one gram of glycogen which we also call sugars, contains approximately 3gm water. So now you know, your daily calories are also filled with lots of water. 

Now what happens in a keto diet is you restrict the intake of carbs in your body. So the body starts running out of glycogen, and instead of burning carbs for energy, it starts utilizing the stored fat and stored glycogen for energy. So, what happens is your body starts using fat as fuel for producing ketones. This makes your body run out of carbs as well as water. Accordingly, you feel thirsty and dehydrated during ketosis. 

Which component deficit causes thirst on keto diet? 

Now that you have understood the basic reason why your body is behaving strangely, it's important to note the components are making you feel thirsty on keto. Below is a brief explanation of why your body starts to feel dehydrated after a keto diet. 

  • Low carbs: the first thing your mouth feels dry and your body dehydrates during ketosis is the deficit of carbohydrates. Restricting carbs also reduces the water quantity in your body because the glycogen gained by carbs contain water in it. And when your body burns fat instead of carbs for energy, you burn stored water and lose hydration.  
  • Low on electrolytes: changing Your diet to new macros can mess up with the minerals and electrolytes in your body. The imbalance in your electrolytes is also a cause for “keto flu”, in which your body feels exhausted and dizzy. During this imbalanced state, your body excretes a lot of water that it retains. And hence you feel dehydrated. 
  • Low on insulin: low on insulin is another primary reason for making your body dehydrated during ketosis. When you shift your diet from a standard high carb diet to a limited carb diet, blood sugar and glycogen levels also change. The insulin level in your body allows your kidneys to hold the water and sodium content. But When you cut off carbs and sugars, your insulin levels go down and low, making your kidneys release stored water and sodium. This causes excessive urination, thirsty on keto, dehydration, night keto sweating and even headaches.  

A glimpse of ketosis in a keto diet 

Ketosis is a metabolic state in which your body utilizes ketones as fuel for energy production. To get into this metabolic state, you need to change your diet according to the requirements of ketosis. On average, an adult needs to consume 70-75% healthy unsaturated fat, 20-25 % proteins and 10-5 % carbs in a keto diet.

A keto diet is known for weight loss; however, there are multiple more benefits, such as a better body, healthy heart, and better mental focus. It is often seen that people either get scared during the initial stages of ketosis, or they either get tired of fatigue, thirsty on keto, dehydration and dizziness during the ketosis process. To make this easy for you, we have made a list of natural ways through which you can cope up with the ill effects of ketosis and the keto diet.  

How to add hydration through daily diet on keto 

To get rid of thirst on keto, you need to add hydration to your body. This hydration should come from water, but you also need to start taking such diets or drinks that can maintain the deficiency level of water. 

  • Adding water through vegetables: when it comes to the keto diet, people usually focus on meat, bacon, butter and cheese. However, they are excellent food components to help your body get into ketosis, but they also contain very little sodium and potassium. This makes your body run out of sodium and minerals. To add more hydration to your daily diet during keto, try consuming vegetables. Green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. The best part of consuming vegetables is that they are nutritious and keto-friendly. For example, you can eat lettuce, Keto friendly mushroom and cucumber in your daily diet as their water content is high. It would be best if you made a routine of eating at least one bowl of salad daily to get rid of or avoid the keto thirst.  
  • Keto-friendly fruits which are rich in water: while on keto, you restrict many food items. For example, in fear of consuming high carbs, you also cut away fruits from your diet. However, you should note that many fruits are low in carbs and can maintain the level of water in your body. Consuming such fruits can make your body healthy and hydrated. For example, avocado is an excellent source of vitamin k, vitamin C and potassium. Also, it includes the high content of fat. Also, watermelon is another delicious fruit that contains low carbs and high water. Moreover, a watermelon includes potassium, copper and vitamin C. Strawberries are also a very good source of micronutrients. 
  • Drinks to keep your electrolytes up to level: the best way to maintain the loss of electrolytes is to drink a good gulp, of course. This means, to stay hydrated, you need to drink water for sure, but also to maintain the level of sodium loss, you have to take salt added in your drink and food. Himalayan pink salt is perfect for average consumption. You can also eat vegetables rich in electrolytes, for example, spinach, beans, potatoes etc. These simple tricks will help you to keep you hydrated on the keto diet. Meanwhile, some supplements are available in the market that help maintain electrolytes and minerals in the body. We will list some best supplements in the coming sections.  
Thirsty on Keto
Thirsty on Keto

Natural ways to deal with headaches and thirsty on keto diet.  

As of now, we have already made the points clear about why you feel thirsty during ketosis. We have also talked about the changes you can add to your daily diet to ease the keto diet's effects.

However, to clarify more, we will discuss dealing with the constant headache and thirst during weight loss through the keto diet. This section will be divided into two portions one will be the natural ways of dealing with the thirsty on keto, and the other will be how you can get rid of a headache. So let us begin.  

  1. Natural ways to deal with thirsty on keto:

 If you are dealing with dry mouth or thirst on keto, the best way to deal with it is to grab a glass of water. Please do not ignore the signal of your body when it asks for water. Eat plenty of food and vegetables that are rich in water and low in carbs. Also, there are more ways through which you can get rid of keto thirst. These include.  

  • Cutting or reducing caffeine consumption 

Caffeine is found in different sources of drinks. For example, our coffee, tea and carbonated beverages include a high amount of caffeine in them. This caffeine is seen to be a very dehydrating substance for your health. Moreover, it is often seen that consuming caffeine can also cause yellowing of teeth, tooth decay and mouth dryness. So if you don't want your saliva to dry out, then avoid using caffeinated drinks. Having 1 to 2 cups a day of your caffeine drink is fine and harmless, but exceeding this can cause a problem.  

  • Get supplements for maintaining electrolytes: 

If you are taking a proper diet and facing side effects such as too much thirsty on keto, mouth dryness, and dehydration during keto, you should look for a good electrolyte supplement. If you want to take an electrolyte supplement, you can go and ask your physician for it. Or you can also take our suggestion of the following electrolyte supplement. This supplement will maintain the level of hydration well as will support weight loss. 

  1. Ketofy – Keto Electrolytes – the first one on our list is ketofy keto electrolyte. It instantly gives you energy and hydration. This is a 100% vegan product with zero carbs and zero sugar. It is highly keto-friendly and supports weight loss. Easy to use. Three scoops a day for proper hydration all day. 
  2. Fast&Up Reload electrolyte energy and hydration drink – it is a supplement that you have to consume orally. If you are looking for something cheap and handy, then this product is good for you. It instantly gives energy and hydration to your body. 
  3. Ketofy breakfast bar – a good delicious snacking bar that is highly keto-friendly and boosts energy and hydration in the body. It is 100% vegan, and no sugar is added to this bar. 
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol 

Alcohol can reduce the level of vasopressin hormone in your body. It is an antidiuretic hormone that helps the body to hold water. So you will often notice when you drink alcohol, you feel the urge to urinate in a few minutes. This is due to liquor inhibiting vasopressin. So your body gets low on the antidiuretic hormone, and your body fluid gets out through urine, so as a result, your body gets dehydrated. Therefore it is suggested that you reduce alcohol consumption during ketosis and even on a general basis. 

  1. Natural ways to deal with the headache 

Having a headache during the keto diet or while your body adjusts to ketosis is normal. However, some people think that fatigue, exhaustion, and headache are side effects of keto. Still, these are some signs showing your body is adapting to the change of new metabolism. To deal with this issue, we have listed some natural ways below. 

  • Drink plenty of water : 

Dehydration and headaches are interrelated. Inadequate intake of water on keto may cause headaches. During ketosis, your body goes through different – different changes. In this also comes the point where you get dehydrated. Therefore you must always drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. Also, take food and fruits which are rich in water. 

  • Consume magnesium : 

Magnesium is an essential mineral that our body needs. It is necessary for the proper functioning of nerve transmission. Therefore, the intake of magnesium through almond and spinach, which are also helpful in weight loss, can reduce headache pain and keep your keto diet balanced. 

  • Try cold compress : 

If you have incredibly high headaches, then you can try cold compress techniques. For this, please take a few ice cubes in a handkerchief and place them on the backside of your head with gentle pressure. If a cool pad is available at your home, then use them to relax that area.  

  • Use essential oils: 

Using essential oils for treating headaches is an excellent option. Essential oils have therapeutic qualities and are made from plants. Therefore these are safe to use. The most effective essential oil in headache is lavender oil and peppermint oil. Apply these oils to the temple of your ear before sleep. 

  • Take a good nap : 

When you lose weight through a diet, your body gets exhausted. This exhaustion, dizziness and feverish feeling are often termed keto flu. The best way to deal with this issue is to take a good nap and allow your body to relax. Good sleep will help you to repair yourself and gain energy. Therefore make sure to take 7-8 hours of sleep. 

Thirst and ketosis a connecting cycle

It is important to note that when you shift your diet to a different energy source in the keto diet, you will undergo many changes. In the initial stages, you would face the keto flu. There is nothing harmful to keto flu, but it shows that your body has adjusted to ketosis.

However, this keto flu differs in every person. For some people, it lasts for a few weeks; on the other hand, for some, it lasts for about a month. The best way through which you can deal with keto flu and exhaustion is by taking keto supplements.

Ketosis and exhaustion will always be a connecting cycle; therefore, if you think you can sneak from it, you are wrong. However, to make your task easy, we have prepared a list of the five best keto supplements that will help you lose weight and boost your metabolic rate. 

  1.  Keto Advanced 1500: it is a BHB based product that instantly boosts metabolism with the first dose. It helps in cutting belly fat and extra flaps from your body. If you are looking for a product that can maintain the levels of minerals and electrolytes in your body during weight loss, then Keto 1500 will be highly beneficial.  
  2. Keto Advantage Keto Burn: Keto advantage keto burn pill is a fantastic weight loss product. This supplement supports ketosis and provides energy for the consumer. It also helps in developing healthy muscles. 100% natural, safe and risk-free product. Made with exogenous ketones such as BHB, MCT oils and green tea, Keto advantage keto burn supplement detoxifies and energies your body quickly. 
  3. Keto GT: It is an instant result showing weight loss formula. It gives weight loss, better mental focus, maintained cholesterol and much more in one product. 100% natural, vegan and risk-free. All age groups can take it. Keto GT pill is a highly recommended supplement to support weight loss and boost your energy by increasing your metabolic rate.  
  4. OneShot Keto: One shot keto is a perfect product for women. Made with BHB, this product instantly releases a rush of energy in your body. Moreover, it provides a better mental focus. It also maintains blood sugar levels in your body. With one shot keto pills, you can have a slim figure in no time with a boosted energy for your whole day. 
  5. Keto Strong: The Keto Strong Shark Tank is made up of BHB, Forskolin and Apple Cider Vinegar. All these ingredients are a key for your weight loss goals as well as give you high energy level but burning stored fat. It is the best keto weight loss supplement for instant energy and rapid weight loss. 


Do I need to see a doctor if I feel dehydrated during my keto diet? 

Well, feeling a dry mouth and thirsty on keto diet is very typical. There is nothing to worry about, and it is normal to feel thirsty from ketosis. However, if you feel excessive mouth dryness and thirst, you can ask your doctor to suggest electrolytes or other supplements. You can also read the above thread for a suggestion for some electrolyte and keto supplements. 

Is it safe to use keto supplements for weight loss? 

Yes, it is safe to use keto supplements for weight loss. But make sure to check their ingredients. If they are made of natural and vegan ingredients, then generally, they suit the whole body. However, if you have serious health issues such as heart disease or asthma, you can consult your doctor for confirmation. But as of now, people are using keto supplements without any harmful side effects. 

What is the right time to take keto supplements?

The right time to take keto supplements is when you want to lose weight. Not only when you want to get rid of those extra heavy pounds, but keto supplements are also suitable for losing extra fat from the belly, arms and other unwanted places. Moreover, keto supplements also boost metabolic rate and mental focus; hence, there is no particular time or age to start these supplements. It depends upon you.  

How much water does our body need? 

It is said that you should take around 2-3 liters of water in your whole day. Water is almost the solution for all problems, and you need to keep your body well hydrated. Dehydration is when your body can cause skin problems, acne, headache, fatigue, and thirsty on keto etc. Therefore, To avoid such situations, drink at least 7-8 glasses of water per day. Also, make sure that you keep adding the water in the form of fruits and vegetables also. 

Can excess water cause weight gain? 

When you drink excess water, it gets stored in your abdomen, arms or legs. This extra weight is also known as water weight. The extra water can cause bloating or puffiness in your body. So if you drink way too much water, you can gain 2 to 4 pounds of water weight. So you can say excess water can cause weight gain. Hence you should not drink extra water or more than 8-9 glasses maximum. 

Is it safe to buy keto supplements online?

Yes, it is safe to buy keto supplements online. They have a cashback offer, and if something comes in bad condition, you can get an exchange or money return. However, you must always check all the details and ingredients of the product before ordering to avoid any future problems.

Why Am I So Thirsty on Keto?
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