Why am i sweating on keto diet? | Signs and Symptoms That You’re in Ketosis

Why am i sweating on keto diet
Why am i sweating on keto diet
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Why am i sweating on keto diet?

Most people find the keto diet a somewhat practical and appropriate weight-loss method. Those who follow other diet types report that their progress compared to the keto diet is much higher than other diets. Even most things about the keto diet are positive, but some negative implications are associated with this type of diet. One such negative sense is that of the Why am i sweating on keto diet?. So, now we will make an effort to understand what are keto sweating, its signs, and how to counter the keto night sweats smell with all the possible solutions and treatments.

Everyone who follows the keto diet understands a low-carb diet mainly based on the ketosis mechanism. When the body is deprived of carbohydrates, the primary source of energy becomes fat. With fat as the primary energy source, the body has no other option than to sustain the process of ketosis, that is, the loss of fat. The ketosis process is a straightforward one by and large, but it may have its side effects for a temporary period. Some of these are- dehydration and electrolyte loss, constipation, nutritional deficiencies, and keto sweating. 

Keto sweating is a symptom of ketosis, and this means that this tells us that ketosis is in progress. Moreover, it happens due to numerous biological transformations that occur in the body during ketosis. We must understand that it is not abnormal, and this is the body's way of adapting to the plethora of changes. 


Keto and Sweating

To understand keto sweating in detail, we have compiled a scientific reason below:

Can describe sweating as releasing extra sweat from the body due to the ketosis process. The main factor about the process of ketosis is that it deprives us of carbohydrates. Generally, when carbs are present in the body, cells store more fluid. All this fluid is retained in the body and becomes the reason for recording higher weight on the scale. 

When one restricts the intake of carb, the extra fluid carried in the body disperses. All the excess fluid starts leaving the body in the form of sweat. The process continues to the point the body becomes used to the ketosis mechanism, and actual fat-loss starts to occur.

During ketosis, along with sweating, hot flashes occur as well. A hot moment is an intense feeling of warmth and heat in the neck region that is sudden. Hot flashes usually lead to sweat release and could be a leading cause of elevated sweating during the keto diet. 

A more in-depth understanding reveals that ketosis formulates what is known as ketones. These compounds are water-soluble and generally effuse out via water. With the aid of ketosis, the ketones come out of the body by a liquid discharge which may be urine, sweat, and saliva. Since the loss of carbohydrates triggers sweating, most of the ketones are released in this manner. 


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Low carb sweating: what are the signs?

Let us make an effort to understand what are the signs and symptoms that indicate whether the sweating that you are having is from the keto diet or is just normal sweating. Below are the features and signs differentiating both:

Features and signs of keto sweating include:

  • Keto sweating is not the most common side effect of the keto diet. Yet, you can understand whether your sweating is Keto induced or generally based on the regions from where you sweat. 
  • The sweat will come in more profusely from your hands, neck, forehead, and the back of the head. 
  • You will experience night sweats and may even see your bedsheet getting wet as a result. 
  • This sweating stops when all the excess water retained due to high carbohydrate consumption is removed. 
  • The ratio of carb to water is that 1:4. It implies that your body stores about 4 grams of water for a gram of carbohydrate you consume. However, this ensures that overweight people record even higher weight before weight loss. Through sweating, all this extra water-weight is eradicated. 

The sweating, which is not induced by the keto diet, is based on the individual's body weight and insulin resistance. For those who have diabetes or are overweight, the amount and frequency of sweating are higher than people with normal BMI. As one becomes lighter and loses more weight, the BMI starts edging towards normal, and so does the sweating. The sweat glands have an extensive sweating capacity, so there is no restriction, and in the keto diet, the same comes forth. 


Reasons for Sweating on the Keto Diet

We now understand that sweating on keto diet is normal and subsides after one gets used to the diet. Let us now make an effort to understand the exact reason behind such sweating occurs:

  1. Keto sweating occurs to eradicate the excess water stored due to extra carbs in the body. The lower the carbs, the lesser the retention of water in the body. Therefore, low carbs are one of the reasons for sweating on keto diet. 
  2. The other reason is that of high temperature-induced by higher physical activity on the keto diet. Generally speaking, the body can sweat more during intense physical activity, yet you will experience extreme sweats during a moderate physical activity during the keto diet. 
  3. The high-fat food items also trigger sweating. Since all the food items used in the keto diet are high in fat content, sweating is understandable. 
  4. A low level of blood sugar is another prominent cause behind the accentuated sweating. Besides, dehydration during the keto diet also promotes keto sweats and hot flashes. 
  5. Carbohydrates and other complex sugars manifest themselves as an addiction. It is a well-known fact that the body shows signs similar to sweating upon giving up a habit. The same happens when one leaves carbs as their staple nutrition. 


How to stop sweating on Keto Diet?

We understand how annoying it can be to sweat a lot on the keto diet. So how would one prevent themselves from sweating on keto? Let's see a few ways in which you can get some relief from sweating on keto:

  • Stay well hydrated

Consuming sufficient water is indispensable for good health and proper electrolyte balance. Hydration is quite essential to prevent excessive keto sweating. Even though it may seem like it does not make much sense but hydration counters too much sweating. 

  • Do not consume spicy food.

Fat-rich food items are more than welcome during the keto diet, but the very spicy food items promote perspiration and sweating. Generally, all the food items that are spicy lead to high sweating. 

  • Reduce your caffeine intake

Lower caffeine is good for heart health and ensures that sweating is minimal during the keto diet. Cutting on caffeine will ensure that there are no night sweats either. Switching to teas is a better option. 

  • Exercise properly

It is essential to exercise but keep the activity level light to ensure lower sweating. The exercise may last for long but at a lighter pace. 

  • Take only the highest quality fats.

It is crucial to consume fats that are good in quality. Taking in trans-fat and saturated fats is not suitable for health and promotes sweating considerably. 


Individual Experiences of Keto Sweating

Many people report experiencing keto diet sweating. It is more common with heavier people. Let us take a look at some of the experiences and solutions that worked:

Cindy's experience

Cindy reported having extreme sweats after following the keto diet for no more than two days. She even experienced night sweats and hot flashes. Cindy was anxious and approached a professional. She told him all her eating habits, and even though sweats are usual in the keto diet, the efforts were extreme in her case.

Cindy was informed that there were two reasons this was happening. She was pretty obese; her weight was at a whopping 266 pounds, and because she consumed too many spicy food items. The professional asked her to cut back on spicy food. After following the advice, Cindy reported witnessing proper improvements within a day. 

David's experience

David was at an average weight when he started the keto diet, but he reported to have been a congenital caffeine addict. He had at least 4 cups of coffee within a day. When David got on board with the keto diet and claimed that man experiences were too much sweating.

He browsed the internet and found out that this is normal and will go away within a few days. David also understood through his research that caffeine was the culprit and tried his best to cut on it. Over time he reduced his caffeine intake and witnessed a positive change. 


Keto and Sweating
Keto and Sweating


How to mask the Keto Night Sweats Smell?

The smell of sweat is one of the most disturbing things about the keto diet. Let's see what we can do to mask the keto night sweats smell:

  • Use a deodorant

Using deodorant to mask any body odor is the most common and desirable process. To get rid of the keto night sweats smell, prefer to use a deodorant. 

  • Consume lesser protein

The protein consumption during the keto diet is not hefty, to begin with. Around 20% of the diet is composed of protein. This is a good and desirable amount. Yet if someone consumes more than this, the keto diet's sweat will emerge with a smell. It is therefore essential to consume no more than 20%. 

  • Take a lot of water.

Staying hydrated is the key. Since the smell of sweat is due to the ketones present inside it, it is essential to make sure that a lot of water goes in so much the concentration of ketones in the sweat is not very high. Hydration is also vital to ensure that keto sweating is at a minimum. 

  • Keep your fat intake high.

In the keto diet, it is essential to maintain sufficient fat intake. Higher fat intake ensures that the body stays in good condition. It is pretty vital to make sure that the body is not deprived of unsaturated fats. Prevent taking saturated and trans-fat. 


Keto Foods that do not make you sweat while on ketosis

The Keto diet is balanced and healthy, wherein carbs are majorly removed from the overall diet. Certain keto food items are more favorable than the others. These food items do not make you sweat and help you to get rid of exhaustion on keto. Let us take a look at these:

  1. Some green veggies, particularly leafy greens, cucumber, zucchini, bell peppers, radishes, and broccoli, are excellent choices for a good keto diet. All of these contain a proper blend of good nutrients and minerals. They are very healthy and prevent keto sweat from occurring. 
  2. Fat-rich food items, in particular, dairy products, such as curd, milk, cheese, etc., have a soothing effect on the stomach. These prevent the body from gaining weight and act as a keto-friendly food item. These do not prompt the body to sweat. 
  3. Seafood such as fish and shellfish are suitable for the keto diet and do not promote smells in the sweat. 
  4. Some other non-green vegetables that prove highly effective are eggplants, olives, tomatoes, mushrooms keto, etc. These are a superb fit for the keto diet and do not lead to sweating. 
  5. Eggs, olive oil, and grass-fed butter are other options that can be available for a sweat-free keto diet experience. 
  6. Various fruits such as strawberries, lemons, raspberries, peaches, and cantaloupes are also quite integral for the whole sweat-free keto dieting. 
  7. Some additional items that reduce sweat on Keto are water, foods with a high calcium content (like dairy products and cottage cheese), almonds, and bananas. 

Using all these vegetables and fruits, you can customize your very own keto dish that will be an excellent fit for your weight loss dreams. 


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How to prevent sweating on keto?

Night sweats on Keto are the worst. You can switch on that AC at the highest speed and still get sweaty on the keto diet. Pair that experience with sudden bouts of hot flashes. What do you do then? Thankfully, there are ways:

  • Make sure you take in plenty of water before you head to bed. Staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial, but it becomes even more critical at nighttime since you get no hydration in your sleeping hours. 
  • Try to put on lighter clothes with a more breathable fabric. Your clothes must not make you uncomfortable at any point. If you let your skin breathe, you will be ruled out the chances of getting more sweat. 
  • Do not smoke before you go to bed. Smoking, overall, is undesirable for the whole weight loss experience. It is counter-productive and accentuates your experience with night sweats. Therefore, to prevent sweating at night, it is essential to give up smoking at night. 
  • Do not drink coffee or tea before going to bed. It is crucial to be low on nicotine and caffeine. Taking coffee before you go to bed is quite undesirable. Make sure you drink only water as a beverage before bed. 
  • Do not take alcoholic beverages before you sleep. Alcohol is not suitable for the body in any way unless in moderation. Make sure you do not take any alcoholic drink before sleeping. 
  • Drink cold water before you sleep. Coldwater acts as a regulator of the body by cooling it off. The sweat does the same thing. Since cold water fulfills the need for the coolant, there is no point in sweating. 
  • Lastly, you must wait. Night sweats may happen in the keto diet's initial days, but within 3-4 days, most of the symptoms will subside, and the body will resume behaving normally.


Why should you not worry about keto sweating?

It would be best if you wiped that worry off your face because sweating is a very usual thing. Yes, the sweating will be more profound for those who are obese or morbidly obese. It will also be relatively high for the individuals who work out too much and have diabetes. But overall, the malady is not an extreme one. There is nothing to worry about. Your sweating will pass in a few days, and soon you will rejoice with everyday life. 



Keto Sweating is common but sweating too much is uncommon. Yet when on the keto diet, sweating too much is also common. However, we understand if the discomfort gets to you. This is why we have summed up how you can counter all the ills imposed by profuse sweating on Keto, and we hope it helps you!

Why am i sweating on keto diet
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Why am i sweating on keto diet
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